Controller keyboard stopped working? Oxygen61

All of a sudden my M Audio Oxygen 61 controller keyboard has stopped producing sounds. There’s still power going to it so it still works in that sense. What settings in cubase would I need to check to make sure everything is ok inside cubase with regards a controller keyboard and its set up? from what i remember i think the oxygen was a plug and play keyboard. Even the sound levels on the input of the transport device isn’t showing any levels when I press keys on the keyboard.

Thanks in advance for any help

If you don’t see any midi-input coming into Cubase then you should check the following:

  • first you power up your keyboard
  • after that you start up cubase.

if you still cannot see a midisignal coming in, I doubt if the problem is in cubase.
Check the connections from the keyboard to the pc or audiointerface.
Try a different USB input if that is what you are using.
Ask a friend to try another keyboard and see if that helps.
If so, the problem should be in your keyboard.

Thanks for the reply.
I hav tried another USB port an it didnt work.
The power for the keyboard comes direct from the laptop.
Where exactly do I look to check if its getting a signal or not? Cus I think that’s the thing that’ll tell me where the problem is.
Thanks again.

Your keyboard should be mentioned in the inspector as a midi input.
Also it should be visible in Midi Connections.
Perhaps the most easy way is to hit a key and watch the transport bar and see if the red midi signal bar is moving up.