Controller Lane on several midi tracks

Hello, I was wondering if it’s possible to CC control or edit a controller lane (for example CC1 modulation) on several midi tracks at the same time.
For example
Midi 1 Violins 1
Midi 2 Violins 2
Midi 3 Viola
Midi 4 Cello
Midi 5 Dbass

And to be able to write a controller lane which would apply to all those midi tracks, like would do a conductor…
Instead of writing it for the Violins 1 for example and copy/paste to each other track.

I’ve been searching for a while but I can’t seem to find a solution that would enhance a lot my workflow



If the MIDI Events are not shared copies, then it’s unfortunately not possible.

Hey, Thanks for the answer!
Sorry, I don’t get the “shared copies”, is there a way to attach several midi track with different channels assigned to each?


This is not about the tracks, but about the events itself. You can make so called share copy of any event. If you change the data in one shared copy, all shared copies change too.

Btw: You can send a MIDI data from one MIDI Track to multiple MIDI Outputs (or MIDI Channels) by using MIDI Sends.

As regards the first part of your question, if you use the In-Place Editor for those MIDI tracks in the Project window, you can at least have all the desired controller lanes open (and editable) at the same time (but of course, not “linked”)

Ok thanks again, I wish it could be a feature included in further versions, it could be very useful as for orchestra you often give the same intention (dynamic, vibrato, speed,…) to a same family of instruments.