Controller Lane Setup Import

How can i import a Controller Lane Setup that i’ve saved in Cubase.
I don’t know where to find the specific folder that contains the XML file.


How did you save the Controller Lane Setup, please?

Hi Martin,

thx for the fast reply.
I’ve saved it directly in the key editor controller lane preset menu on the bottom of the editor window.
The save icon is marked with a red arrow. Image is attached below.

Any Idea anyone ?

To clarify, you want to know the location? I don’t know the location, however you could do a safe start, load everything default, then process of elimination figure out the location. Without looking first guesses would be defaults.xml or RAMPresets.xml. Maybe a better explanation of your goal would help with replies? I’m sure Martin can tell you the location.

Or just save and load from the Key Editor? It should be there to load once you save. (see attached)

At first I thought it might be saved in the project file but when I loaded a new project those saved controller lane presets were still there to select. Then had a look in the Preferences folder inside the User Library folder and found it is saved in the RAMPresets.xml file.

Perfect, Thank you for your answer ! I didn’t thought that this is so deeply hidden in the prefs.