Controller lines and midi contrller problem

I assigned my midi controller via Generic remote to varous controller lines in midi tracks (modulation, expression, valocity and so on) And there is a problem while I have opened more midi tracks “in-place editor” than one. While I have more tracks and want to open any midi controller line via midi controller connected to the C9.5 then reacts on this command usually different track than just I selected. So to use my midi controller I have to close other tracks and leave only selected. Is it a bug of cubase or I do something wrong?


How is your command (in the Generic Remote Device, I expect) specified, please?

Hi Martin

My commands are : command - midi - Controller line setup 1 (1,2,3 up to 10)

Controller line setup 1 to 10 are my presets, for exaple: 1 is named basic (includes velocity, modulation, expression and articulation)
2 is Artuculation only
3 is modulation
4 expression
5 volime cc7

and so on

This is broken, apparently.

The command is routed to the first editor that was opened in the main window, whether it be in-place or in the lower zone, and then locked to it- until that editor is closed.

Create 2 midi tracks, add parts to them.
Open a part in an in-place editor on track one
Open another part in an in-place editor on track two

Select track 1 and Invoke the CC lane preset command via the remote or key command

  • CC lane preset is loaded

Select track 2 and Invoke the CC lane preset command via the remote or key command
-track 1 receives the command, CC lane preset is opened on that track.

That first editor (in-place or zoned) must be closed before the command can be sent the selected track destination.

It’s been reported, CAN-19996

It is the same when you use mouse pointer and click to “Create Controller LIne” on the track. You click on one track but it appears on the second track.