Controller Mappings Change In Generic Remote

My controller mappings change in Generic Remote when I close Cubase. I’ve mapped several controls to the Control Room Mixer on my Nocturn. The CRM is not a VST so I can’t use Automap with it.
If I simply close a project and open another project all is well. But when I close Cubase and re-open my mappings change. So far it seems that only 3 of them change and they always change to the same thing. The CC numbers are the same but the Devices they control are changing. What can cause this?

Illogical though it may seem, try exporting your Generic Remote settings (normally you won’t need to re-import them, but that does keep the settings stored).

Not illogical since there is really no other save function. I will give this a try and see what happens. Thanks for the reply.

Is it a bug?

Does it exist in version 6?

I had the same problem and exporting works for saving.

So far it seems like the exporting did work. It should have some other type of save feature, however. IMO.

I agree, it wasn’t exactly clear to me, I accidently figured it out.
Thing is, with naming it export it makes you feel like you’ll have to import the mapping evertime as well, which isn’t true.

Thanks again