Controller MIDI CC for VST Instrument is Going to MixConsole Instead

I am using an NI M32 controller keyboard and have the Arturia CS-80 synth loaded in an instrument track. I previously assigned the M32’s eight knobs (CCs 14 through 21) to various controls in the CS-80 when the CS-80 was in standalone mode. Opening the synth in the instrument track, I can see all of my custom CC assignments in the CS-80.

When I use the M32 knobs while the synth is in standalone mode, it works as I expect it to, adjusting the various synth controls that I have assigned. But, when I am using the synth as an instrument track in Cubase, the knobs on the M32 are controlling Channel Volume faders in the MixConsole and aren’t affecting the synth at all.

Is it possible to set this up so that my controller’s CC data just flows to the VST synth and bypasses the Cubase MixConsole? Thanks very much for any insight.