Controller Mode Suggestion

OK this is a bit out there, but in my frustration with SB over the lack of a decent control surface for Cubase/Nuendo which is modern and supported I fantasized about this ( CC121 / CMC are all EOL … and even Cubase iC Pro is broken under latest iOS 16 … stuck in portrait orientation lol Yanaha/SB seem to have lost interest. )

Wouldn’t it be great/useful if Cubasis 3/4 also doubled as a touch screen remote for Cubase/Nuendo? ie a Controller Mode?

The transport controls/mixer buttons would all be useful .

Perhaps the Channel strip could even be expanded to mirror the Cubase channel in look and functionality to act a remote when called for?

I think it would be an easy IAP for me … up to the actual price of the CB3 app even.

I bring it up here because Cubasis is at least alive, being developed and the wonderful Mr Slowak pays attention to us ( I’m not confident this is the case in any other forum … so thanks Lars! )

Sorry, Nuage isn’t even a glimmer for me. Other options are available but they still shoehorn themselves into the Cubase/Nuendo workflow. Bespoke solutions are still the best )

Hi @ltf3,

Thanks for your message.

Cubasis is our mobile music creation app for iOS and Android.
It is not planned to make Cubasis work as a remote for Cubase/Nuendo.


Ah well … worth a shot and thanks for reading.

Maybe SB has another plan to wow us in the future!