Controlling 3rd party inserted plugins?


I just bought a Steinberg CC121 so trying to get my head around quick controls in Cubase Pro.

Correct me if I’m wrong, VST quick controls are for virtual instruments only, and not for inserted plugins? Was hoping I could set up once for each effects plugin I own, to the 8 quick controls, save the preset and load them whenever I insert a plugin, or better still, the correct preset is automatically loaded.

It seems that only track quick controls work with inserted plugins? And they are tied to the particular slot a plugin is inserted to? If I insert the plugin in a different slot, the controls don’t work any more, it seems. I’m confused.

Have I missed something? Can I not use CC121 easily with inserted 3rd party plugins?


no you haven’t missed something. I’m also confused with this topic. I have observed the same.

Thanks for the reply.

Has anyone used Bome MIDI Translator Pro to open up CC121’s limitation in regards to working with 3rd party plugins? Does it work, is it possible etc.?

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Following…also interested in this

Thanks for the info, it can be interesting this software.!