Controlling an old POD with surface control, possible?

I´m on cubase 12 and I would like to control a POD 1.0 with midi controls. the original POD have some hidden features that you can only access via midi. I know the data I need to send I created the surface controller but I´m struggling to understand if I need to add it to a midi track or something… the parameters have the midi channel and the CC commands but it is not working. if I make the midi changes lets say on the midi list editor it work fine. any ideas?

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Do you mean the MIDI Device within the MIDI Device Manager?

no, I mean in the midi Remote manager

maybe it is intended to be used just to receive midi from a controller and not send it?


Do you mean the MIDI Remote?

MIDI Remote is in Cubase to control Cubase from hardware, not the other way around.

but it still send midi feedback to the controller so where does it fail?

If I have a motorized fader and I change the level in cubase would it not move the fader in the controller ?


Yes, it would.

What exactly do you send out (what MIDI Message), when? What do you control on the hardware?

So by example cc 71 from 1 to 15 change the cabinet other cc change the presence control so I created a knob that do that on midi control surface but it does not send the midi to the pod.


If you move the knob in the MIDI Remote GUI, it doesn’t send the value out. You would need to move the parameter, which is assigned in Cubase.

thanks yes. that solved it. I linked some dumb channel controls and it does it. would be nice to be able to move it from the panel.


I believe, a MIDI Device is the feature you are searching for.

For controlling external hardware via MIDI using a custom panel, and to integrate that into the Track Inspector, it sounds like a job for Device Panels. For example, I use this for controlling a V-Amp Pro, which I use as a guitar preamp – I expect the POD will be very similar:

When I adjust the controls in the blue section, this sends the MIDI information to the preamp in realtime, and I can store the state with the Cubase project.

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yes thanks!!! it is in a hidden menu now…

There is a beautiful Device Panel for the original POD here.


I was creating one already but this is indeen beautiful. thank you very much.
I´m puzzle. I can open it from midi device panel but not from the panel device on the track. same with the one I created myself.

For that, you need to create a panel with “Inspector size”. It’s in the documentation, “MIDI Devices” (PDF), tutorial on page 13.