Controlling Articulations

As Dorico is redefining so many standards in notation & playback I want to set a “feature request”. What I always missed in other notation software was a certain flexibility for defining the effect of the articulation. “Playback options” You can ask Dorico to reduce the length of a note to 40% in staccato or to randomize the starting position when setting the “starting position” in Playback>Timing to 100%.
This is fine and I am sure there are thoughts about more options. But considering that a realistic staccato does not play back with the exact same length all the time and is also depending of tempo, dynamic and instrument I would like to have more options to a. randomize and/or b. change the values during playback and/or - above all - c. set values per instrument (depending on what offers the sample library in the background).
I also would like to have the option to set a different velocity/controller level combined with the articulation.

Hope this thought can be useful. :question: :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that high(er)-end libraries employ socalled Round Robin tech. (several samplings of the same pitch/attack type) to vary short notes in order to avoid the socalled “machine gun” effect. The Dorico setting as it stands is only useful for “helping” libraries without such functionality, but it’s evident that the Dorico team has great plans and that playback options will evolve. However, what sounds realistic is, I think, the only issue on this planet that absolutely noone can agree about :slight_smile: