Controlling audio from Instrument Tracks ch2+

I’m playing around with the 7.5 instrument tracks on multitimbral instruments. Things start well and straightforward enough - insert an instrument track, defaults to ch1. My controller (Avid Artist via EuCon) controlls audio output 1. So far, so perfect.

Now, I then add outputs 2-8. They all show up in Mix Console, but nothing in the Project Window. I can add midi tracks 2-8 which route correctly to the instrument, but now the behaviour is like Rack instruments - unlike ch1, my controller controls midi CC7 and not the audio outputs. I see in the inspector there’s an audio / vst section for the midi channel which includes an audio fader, and this works correctly if you set the output right in the tab above. However, I can’t figure out a way to control this from my controller, as opposed to CC7.

It seems like Steinberg have missed an obvious trick here in the new section. Surely you need the option to tie mid and audio tracks together in the same way as ch1? In the meantime, any workarounds?

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