Controlling Audio Tracks With Midi Expression Pedal

I am trying to use my Boss Expression pedal to control the volume and other effect parameters on audio tracks. I have the expression pedal going into a Midi Expression Quattro via a TRS jack cable. The quattro is connected to the computer using a midi to usb cable. In Cubase, I can go into the generic remote settings and assign the pedal as one of the controllers. I can then select which channel I want it to control and what action (in this case, volume).

Cubase detects the pedal and it does control the volume, however their are some issues. Firstly, the pedal seems to be inverted -so when I fully depress the expression pedal the volume turns down rather than turning up. How can I change this?

Secondly, there seems to be a deadzone in my pedal. It only starts to control the volume when the pedal is about 30% depressed.

Thirdly, in some instances I would my pedal to only alter the volume by a few db. Is there a way to set a range on how much my pedal affects a certain parameter. For example, set 0 on my pedal to -5db and 127 to 0db.

I am using Cubase Elements 7. I also use Cubase 10 on my main PC but I am currently quarantined away from it so I can’t test this out right now.

Many thanks!