Controlling Audio Tracks With Midi Expression Pedal

I am trying o use my Boss Expression Pedal to control volume levels and other effects parameters on regular audio tracks. I have my expression pedal going into a Midi Expression Quattro via a TRS jack cable. The quattro is connected to the computer using a midi to usb cable. In the generic remote, Cubase picks up a signal from my pedal and I can assign it to control various values. There are a few problems which I can’t seem to get around.

Firstly, my pedal seems to be inverted - so when I fully depress the pedal, the volume turns down instead of up. How can I change this?

Secondly, there is a large deadzone and the pedal only starts to kick when it is about 30% depressed.

Thirdly, I would like to set a range for how much my pedal affects a certain parameter. Right now 0 to 127 on my pedal turns the volume of a track from off to maximum. I would like to be able to increase the volume by small amounts using my pedal. How can I set the pedal to affect specific ranges?

I am using Cubase Elements 7. I also have Cubase 10 on my main PC but I am currently quarantined away from it so I can’t test this out on Cubase 10.

Many thanks!