Controlling Close/open Hihat with alesis multipad?

got a Strike multipad , and i try to control the HiHat with alesis realhat 2 pedal controller to close and open hihat of VSTi groove agent 5, BFD3, Kontakt drummers etc, with no success ,
on the strike internal sound it works. use one pad to play close/open hihat and also the hihat down pedal sound with the realhat 2 controller .
for example in groove agent i can assign one multipads pad to to F#1 and the realhat pedal controller to G#1 for foothat ,but it wont open the hat with the same pad.
any idea on how make the Hihat controller close hh/open hh
on groove agent 5 and even in between cuz its a variable controller ? (if possible at all )
im not sure if settings needed to be assign on alesis strike multipad or groove agent or both

Hopefully this will help bump it again.
ive got the same question except for using AD2