controlling cubase 8 over network

ok. so i ran a cat 5 cable thru the walls and hooked my personal computer to the rputer and studio pc to the router and set up remote desktop and home network.
controlling the studio computer is pretty good, except cubase 8 doesnt start anymore because this remote desktop diables aero theme aperantly.
and audio is stuttering since it is running thru the network.

so, is audio fixable over network? because i dont really want to run more cables thru walls…

and how can aero / cubase 8 issue be fixed or worked around ?

That’s really a Windows issue, rather than a Cubase issue, but try Googling “aero via rdp” and you’ll find some solutions. You can’t expect high-quality audio over a Remote Desktop connection though.

Remote Desktop Connection> Show Options> Experience> Detect connection quality automatically -> LAN (10 Mbps or Higher)

Try that for Aero

ok i set LAN 10mbs or higher, and also dont know all the steps i did from googling but now cubase sound doesnt work at all on remote laptop, but works still on studio pc. but files by media player play fine.

cubase 8 starts ok from studio pc. but from remote still gives the dwm / aero error :frowning:

use teamviewer 10 (its free)

i tried, and it works much worse than remote desktop. it messes up my elicensers and aero themes. had to reinstall elicenser after every teamviewer session

the only other alternative i suppose is Cubase ICPro over WiFi

but besides cubase I wanna use vocalign. so ic pro won’t be enough.

this just hit me: win8 doesn’t use aero, so maybe that’s why it can’t open Cubase 7 ??

installed windows 7.
now cubase at least attempts to start, but crashes at “video file handling” scan at start up.
tried Pro Tools and Reason, they worked fine. but Cubase 8 just doesnt want to behave

why does life has to be so hard?..

after switching resoltuion on studio computer to lower and than back to highest, now cubase starts ok. :slight_smile:

all i have to figure out now is audio


I don’t know any remote desktop, or VM based DAW successtories
Either audio or video latency, or lockups