Controlling Cubase Elements 9 with an external controller

Hi All

I have a Korg Kronos 2 and I would like to be able to control plugin parameters with its knobs and sliders in Cubase Elements 9.

I read around and have gotten a hold of a lot of different information, and I am quite confused.
I know for instance that Cubase’s “Quick Controls” via the Device Setup is an instrumental part to routing controllers to parameters but I just can’t understand how it works (cannot get my Kronos’ sliders to control anything for instance. I get my kronos knobs to control some things but I don’t understand how to choose what controller controls what setting or parameter).

I imported the Kronos’ Steinberg External Setup Cubase_KORG.xml in the VST Quick Controls Device Setup Menu. This mapped out a ton of “Control Names” to MIDI Status’, channels, addresses, values and flags. For instance, the PLAY Controller is assigned to channel 9, address 46, value 127 and Flag “Receive”. What does this all mean really?

I guess that what I am trying to understand is if it is possible to say control when cubase plays by moving a slider (because I mapped that slider to cubase’s play function) ? Is it possible to maps out my 8 knobs to the parameters of one plugin, and map those same 8 knobs to other parameters on another plugin ?

Also, I saw some videos where the quick controls where not only accessible via the Device Setup, but also via the Track Inspector. I can’t find Quick Controls there. Is that because I am running Cubase Elements 9 LE ? (I am on trial but thinking of buying Cubase because I am sick of Logic Pro)

I am really not that good with MIDI so a run through of how this all works would be very appreciated.

Thanks a lot for your help guys !