Controlling Cubase Tempo Knob throuhg MIDI CC Knob:

I was wondering if there was an easy way to link a CC knob on my ProjectMix interface to the main cubase tempo control knob.

I have searched this forum up and down and here are some of the things that I have found out:

  1. You can attempt to set up a Generic remote and choose the following:

  2. The midi limitation of 127 does not allow full control of the actual tempo knob (loss of precision)

    The problem that I am having is that the path --> Transport::Device::Tempo
    seems to have dissappeared in Cubase 7…

Anyone know of a workaround? I will even accept a tap tempo solution, but would much prefer to be able to move the tempo knob in real time… Thanks…

The Steinberg CMC-TP controller offers a tap control for setting/changing tempo via midi instruction, so yes, it must be possible :wink:

Unfortunately, you are right. In the Cubase 7, there is no Tempo in the Transport > Device.

Using Tap tempo is little bit different. You can tap manytimes, and Cubase will compute the avaradge tempo, you are taping. The same function is in the menu Project > Beat Calculator.

Perhaps a macro would help in this case?

I can’t imagine, what should the Macro do. Macro is useful, if you need to automate more steps, and link them under the one command.

This was available in Cubase 6 and is missing from 7.

Ok, well at least I know I hadn’t lost my mind.

Thanks guys…

Can somebody from Steinberg care to comment why functions such as Tempo are removed from the Generic Remote?


I have cubase 8 and im looking for a way to control the track tempo or fixed tempo with a midi control.
In ableton live this is straight forward. Help please!

Has there been any solution so far?

I’m using Cubase 8 and not being able to control the tempo via hardware knob must be a joke! I can’t find anything regarding tempo in the controller parameters. I can change the tempo via my Nektar P6 so it should be possible with other controllers, too. Come on Steinberg! This is a software that has been around since ages and this is freaking easy to do in any other DAW. Where is the tempo controller?

after searching hours for this feature i saw this post :confused:

Really sad! Is this feature availible again in Cubase 9?

I think especially for the growing amount of edrummers this would be a very useful feature.

(I also cannot understand why it was removed, escpecialy because so much weird parameters can be still conrolled)

*edit: seems to be a common issue: