Controlling cubase with behringer motor

I’m having a problem with Cubase 10.5 Pro and Behringer Motor 61 (latest firmware).
I’m using the Motor 61 as a control surface for Cubase. I added it and configured it, and I can control the channel faders with the Motor. I can also use the fader bank advance buttons, and pass, for example, from fader 1-8 to fader 9-16 correctly.
If I go back to the first bank, Cubase correcly underlines the first 8 channels. However, if I press the fader bank advance to the right, Cubase underlines channels 9-24 instead of 9-16 (so i can control only channels 9-16 but not 17-24). Besides, there is no way to underline and control the last 8 channels, no matter what I do.
Has anybody encountered this problem? Is there a solution?
(If I need to explain myself better, I obviously will).
Thank you in advance.

Hi and welcome,

Open Studio > Studio Setup. Make sure there is only one Mackie Control Device in the Remote Devices folder, please.

Hi, thank you for the welcome and thank you very much for your reply.
You are right and solved the problem. If I disable the other Mackie Control Device, which I’m using to use a tablet with TouchDAW for remote control, the Behringer Motor works as intended and correctly selects a bank of 8 channels. So, really, thank you again.
However now the question is: can I only use one Mackie Control Device at the time? It seems to me a really weird limitation.
Anyway, thank you again!


you can use multiple Mackie Controls at once, but then Cubase expects you have the real Mackie Control with the faders. So the whole bank is not 8 faders anymore, but 16 faders instead (like the real Mackie Control hardware has).

TouchDAW also has the faders, so you also have 16 faders available. But my expectation is, you want to use both devices (Behringer and TouchDAW) as mirror, right? This is not possible in Cubase (actually I don’t know another DAW, which could handle the settings this way).

A reasonable explanation, and one I can probably take advantage of. Thank you very much again!