Controlling Cubase with behringer motor

I’m having a problem with Cubase 10.5 and Behringer Motor 61 (latest firmware).
I’m using the Motor 61 as a control surface for Cubase. I added it and configured it, and I can control the channel faders with the Motor. I can also use the fader bank advance buttons, and pass, for example, from fader 1-8 to fader 9-16 correctly.
If I go back to the first bank, Cubase correcly underlines the first 8 channels. However, if I press the fader bank advance to the right, Cubase underlines channels 9-24 instead of 9-16 (so i can control only channels 9-16 but not 17-24). Besides, there is no way to underline and control the last 8 channels, no matter what I do.
Has anybody encountered this problem? Is there a solution?
(If I need to explain myself better, I obviously will).
Thank you in advance.