controlling external fx

Hey all;

I’ve re-set up my TC Electronic M300 as an external fx in Cubase 5. I followed the instructions:

-Midi Device Manager
-Import Device > browse for M300 .xml file

I got an error message saying: missing: port 5 on MTPAV beside the Midi out.

I changed the midi out to my Emu Xmidi 1x1

I opened the panel, and the graphic for the M300 loaded up, and the unit was responding to what mouse clicks would be evident without playing music through it. I clicked on the bypass on the panel, and the bypass light responded on the unit. I clicked on the digital in button on the panel and the light responded on the unit.


I created an FX track and loaded the M300 as an insert. I can hear effects being produced by the unit.

I clicked on the ‘e’ so I can modify the effects (with the intention of storing them later) and the only thing that pops up is a window with three parameters (in slider form): Delay, Send Gain, and Return Gain.

It’s not pulling up the M300 device panel.

Any ideas?


PS. This is the device .xml I am using…



I removed the M300 from my external fx menu and re-assigned it. This gave me the option of assigning it to an installed midi device, which allowed me to attach it to the xml script I imported.

Strangely, editing this association is impossible (or at least seems to be) without un-assigning and re-assigning the external fx unit under vst connections.