Controlling fader banks - incrementing by 1 instead of 8

I’ve seen a bunch of questions in the forum about how to increment banks in generic remotes, but I think this is a different question, because it isn’t about changing the bank (as in from 1-16 to 17-32): I have an X-Touch Compact (Mackie Control) which like many others has faders for controlling volume on selected tracks, etc. etc. When you move up and down using the ‘bank’ control on the device (which is set up as a Mackie Control device), it selects the next batch of 8 faders up or down in your mix console. All good so far. (And to confirm, when you control the ‘bank’ on the physical device, this doesn’t seem to have anything to do with changing the ‘bank’ in the ‘remote device’ panel.

If you have, say 20 tracks, then at first you are controlling channels 1 - 8, hit bank up on the physical defice and you’re controlling 9 to 16, once more and you’re controlling 13 - 20… then down 13 - 20, hit down again again and you’re controlling 5 - 12 – it always increments are decrements in groups of 8.

What I want to do is increment or decrement by 1 channel, rather than 8, so that if i wanted to be in control of faders 2 to 9, say, or 7 to 14 i could easily do that.

It seems to be a setting in Cubase, because you can see a graphical element highlighting the tracks you are currently controlling, but I cannot seem to find a generic remote or even just a key command or a macro command that can do the control selection. The attached screenshot shows a thin horizontal bar just above the track name on the tracks currently being controlled, but I don’t know what it’s even called to search for it.

Any ideas??

On a MCU (Actual Mackie Unit) with Cubase, pushing the[Shift+Bank ] buttons turns the Bank buttons into “Channel” buttons.
Another [Shift+Bank] turns them back into “Bank” buttons.

This is in “Cubase” mode.
Perhaps it will work that way on the X-Touch?

I believe the only setting in Cubase you need to be concerned with, other than setting up the MCU remote control, is choosing between “compatibility mode” and “cubase mode.” If you want to choose between those 2 get back to me. You won’t find any settings in Cubase preferences.

As far as moving channels up or down one channel at at time, that is a funciton of MCU, not Cubase. On my QconPro I believe it’s holding sft+bank that will move it 1 channel at ta time. I’m sure with X Touch there is something similar.

Thanks for the suggestions, but on the X-touch compact, there is no ‘shift’ button, so the bank rotary only moves up and down in chunks of 8 and there’s no way to modify it. But presumably devices that do include ‘shift’ are simply sending different midi data when it’s pressed down, as a result of which Cubase is carrying out a different command (i.e. move 1 rather than 8); OR it’s telling Cubase which new tracks its currently controlling (hence the thick line UI). What is that command? If I could figure that out I might be able to find a key command or even build a macro, but searching for ‘track’ ‘channel’ ‘bank’ ‘page’ doesn’t show any likely candidates. I don’t have much hope of doing this on the XTC itself, but if I can at least do it with a combination of keyboard shortcuts that would help. At the moment there doesn’t even seem to be a way to do this with a mouse… Closest I’ve got so far is a macro that takes selected track and ‘add right’ 7 times, then visibility configure only selected tracks in MixConsole 1, hiding all the others, but backing out of that to move on to the next batch takes many many steps…

(FYI, using ‘Cubase’ mode, not ‘compatibility’)

Wow! With all the X-Touch topics on other forums, I would have thought this issue discussed as a drawback of using the X-touch. I often read “Behringer X-Touch has all the features of DAW controllers costing twice as much.” :laughing: IMO that’s a huge disadvantage. Anyway I can’t answer your other questions, but if no one chimes in here, try gearslutz. There are several on-going posts about X-Touch, with lots of Cubase users.

On my X Touch Compact they go in groups of 16 essentially with only the first 8 available.
When you turn the bank knob it then allows you access to the next 8 and on and on . You can add tracks of course but in my experience, it will cut off the last 4 regardless if you do it in multiples of 16 or 8. Also, the channel control (knob 16) does not work at all.
I’m using Mac Monterey in Mackie mode and Cubase .

Im stuck what to do here.