Controlling interface preamp gain from within Cubase

I love the idea of having my preamp gain being controlled from within my daw; being able to assign it to a midi controller of my own choosing as well as saving preamp gain setting for each track in a project. As opposed to the endless fiddling with tiny preamp gain knobs on my interface. From my understanding of the video promo and the feature list, this should be possible with the new Audient EVO 8. (Probably also with some other interfaces with digital preamp gain control as well)

There is precious little information on how this works on the audient website or in their videos though. It also says (*Only with compatible software). I’m using Cubase Pro, and their interfaces come bundled with Cubase LE so I’m guessing it should be compatible?

Does anyone have any experience with this and can shed some light on how this works? How and where is it set up in Cubase? Does it work like I think?