Controlling mix volume for recording

Is there a way that I can turn the whole mix down when recording audio ? Rather than having to turn my input channel up , therefore recording too loud on my input channel.
I have tried this in control room but can’t seem to figure it out

You could set up group tracks so that your whole mix goes into one group track before hitting the Stereo Out; then, you could route your input direct to Stereo Out; that way you can pull down the level of everything apart from the input, separately from the input.

…Although if you’re having trouble hearing the input over your mix, maybe there’s something else wrong with your gain staging somehow: maybe it’s worth mixing with the levels of each track a few dB lower?

Thank you that’s a great idea I will definitely try that. There is a lot going on as it’s rock so pretty loud, but it would be nice to be able to turn the mix down when doing vox , without affecting the input gain.
I thought you could do this in control room ?

Do you know if the stereo out fader affect the input ones

Sorry, I’m kind of Control Room ignorant so I can’t help there. But for what it’s worth, I always route my mix into a just-before-stereo-out “Mix” group channel - I like having the Stereo Out fader free… also, any pre-mastering plugins go on the Mix group, then any extra metering/analysis plugins live on Stereo Out.

Beware that using groups clould change your reverb vs dry balance if you are using fx returns not routed to this groups. Common way to solve this is route fx returns also to the music group you are lowering or changing in level, and use a seperate reverb for each group and your input, routed to mix out.

An easier and better solution is using a vca for all music that you want to control.(select channels>right mouse click>ad vca channel to selected channels) Do not include fx returns or the tracks you are recording. The vca will control the level of all selected channels directly but will preserve the relative balance.
In the link options set it to vca only. Restoring the original mix is easy: reset the vca to 0db.

Also a verry handy tool to control a hot mix, or music vs vocal balance…