Controlling modulation with multiple MIDI faders

This is something I’ve always wanted to be able to do but could never figure out. Some of my eastwest libraries require the use of both expression and modulation as modulation alone won’t go to niente (it hardly goes quiet at all). Now on my controller (an old Roland A90) the mod wheel and the fader that controls expression are too far apart to use at the same time with one hand, meaning I either have to record the expression or modulation separately, or draw it in later; both a huge pain when all my other libraries I can just use modulation.

Ideally, I’d want to be able to map CC0 to not only the normal modwheel, but also map it to a fader that’s closer to the expression fader, so that way I can use my modwheel as normal, but if I need to I can use both faders with one hand. Is this possible?

You can setup two generic remotes using the same ins and outs. In one, assign cc0 to cc1 and in the other, assign cc0 to cc11.

+1 on Steve’s suggestion of stacking Generic Remote maps.

Global or Local Input Transformers on a given track might also be of interest.

Using these, you can transform in real-time, any CC coming into a track into any other MIDI event you like. Using Local Input Transformers, it’s possible to have instruments hosted on different tracks interpreting the same controller events in entirely different ways for each track.

I.E. Imagine your mod wheel sends CC1.

You could have an instrument track that keeps it unaltered as CC1, while another track transforms the CC1(Modulation) into CC11(Expression Volume), and yet another track transforms it into CC10(Pan), and so on.

Another work flow that might be of interest is binding Quick Controls through the Track Inspector, or Instrument Rack. While this approach tends to only work on a single selected track or instrument in the rack at a time, it still makes it possible to bind a universal controller layout to different tasks as needed in your workflow.

Why not simply configure one of your A90 faders to transmit CC1?

Figured out how to do it through my A90, but it wasn’t easy to figure out since the manual barely covers it and the A90 isn’t exactly an intuitive interface to customise. Just set my fader to also transmit CC1, guess I won’t have to worry about doing it Cubase now.