Controlling multiple instruments simultaneously

I can think of so many applications for this, I’m guessing there must be a way to do this. Is there a way I can use one controller to move parameters on more than one instrument or effects on different channels at the same time?

Quick controls only allow you to control the selected channel. But what if I want to move the filter two different synths at the same time? Or turn down the send to an FX channel and the feedback on a delay on that FX channel at the same time?

Is there way to do this in Cubas 11 (which I’m on)? If not how about Cubase 12?

Thanks for any help.


You can send plain MIDI CCs to the multiple MIDI/Instrument tracks and Learn in the Instrument to control the parameter you want to.

Thanks. How do you link Midi CCs to parameters in a plugin? When I right click on a parameter the only option is to link it to a Quick Control (Eg FabFilter VST3). Perhaps this only works with virtual instruments and not with other plugins?


It works only if the developer of the plug-in implemented it. And yes, much often you can find implemented this in the instruments.

Did you check the documentation of your plugin? Sometimes there is an appendix at the end with a table of MIDI CC to plugin parameter.