Controlling N6 VSTi's with MC Control

I saw a video of a producer controlling his VSTi parameters from his MC Control and Artist Mix. The video was showing that you COULD do this, but neglected to say HOW.

So far, all I’ve found is the soft key that pulls up the VSTi menu in Nuendo 6. From then on, I’m totally back to the mouse/trackball. Can anyone tell me how to access and program the instruments DIRECTLY from the MC Control?

Also, how do I program the jog wheel to replace the paging buttons for navigating the INSERTS & FX PLUGS menu?

On the MC select a instrument channel, on the touchscreen you will see the normal 8 encoder selectable options, inserts,input,dyn,eq etc.
you will also see the right Page button on the right is lit up.
hit the page button.
the touchscreen will change to: quick, VSTi, an maybe more depending on VSTi.
touch the top button on VSTi and there you have it. You can page through all the controllable parameters for that instrument.
The jog wheel answer is a long one. I posted instructions on another thread on how to that. I will post here.

you can program the jog wheel to different key commands when you turn the Jog wheel Left and a different on when you turn the Jog Wheel Right.
For what you want to do, you want the Jog wheel to use the Down Arrow key command when turning one direction and the Up Arrow Key Command when turning the other direction.
So when you select the plugin insert window with the mouse the menu comes up with the cursor in the search pane. If you hit the TAB key it will select the first plugin, from there you can use the arrow keys, or this new Jog wheel function. (you could even program a soft key with the TAB function on it,that way they are conveniently next to each other)
I posted instructions how to do this in another thread, but here they are again.
You create a soft key assignment so then when it is pushed, the Artist Control Jog wheel will take on the function you assign to it, until it is pushed again.
You go to Eucontrol and go to the “softkey” tab, there you will find a drop down window with the different devices that you can program.
Select TU Wheel, (I know you don’t own it, but that does not matter)
Double click the “Jog” button.
A window pops up, at the top select “Add” ,a window pops up to name your new custom command.
After you name it, you are left with a screen that has the drop down menu for “Turn Jog Right” and “Turn Jog Left”
So what you need to do in Cubase is, assign a keyboard keycommand to what you want the jog wheel to do when you turn right and left, this can be anything, in your up and down arrows.
Now on this screen under Command drop down menu, select “Key” and enter the Cubase Keycommand you want to trigger.
Do the same for the “Turn Jog Left”.
now close that window
Back on the “softkeys” tab select “surface” or “touchscreen” depending on where you want to put the button to “activate” the special jog function.
after selecting a location
Select the “command” to program to that softkey
THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART in the command drop down menu, your going to select “wheel”
then in the Wheel drop down menu on the right select the icon that look like an MC Control
and select “Jog”
under that in the “function” drop down menu, Select you custom jog function you named.
now when you hit that softkey, the jog wheel will take on that function that you programmed until you hit that softkey again to turn it off.

You can put ANY key command on the Jog wheel this way. For example, for Internet Explorer, I programmed Forward and Back on the Jog wheel.