Controlling offline plugins

Is there any chance or any protocol, that allows me to control plugins which are used for offline processing?

Most plugins I use are processed, esp. restauration plugins and even additional EQing (post filter). I really would appreciate to control those parameters with a hardware.

I think there is no chance to configure this via generic midi, is there any other solution? Can software like automap do this? Eucon?

Hey Dom I just check this.


With automap installed, you can control offline process plugs with the novation zero. This only works with plugs that are using the automap wrapper… but it’s better than nothing.

Hi Jesse,

thanks a lot for trying it!

Of course it would be better if you could control them with generic midi, so that you could use the same hardware setup for controlling on- and offline plugins, but at least there is a change.
So, I´ll have to think about going with novation…

This only works with plugs that are using the automap wrapper

If it doesn´t cost you too much time, could you please shortly explain this? Would it work with Nuendos onboards? And would it work with third party tools like waves or oxford?