Controlling other agents in GA4 with usb midi keyboard

I’m wondering how I can trigger the other loaded agents while using the USB keyboard I have plugged into my computer. I can’t seem to trigger other kits or sounds other than the agent loaded into the first agent spot. When I press my USB keyboard the little 1 lights up in the corner of the first loaded kit. I try to have the other kits “learn” triggers, and GA4 seems to process the trigger note learning, but does not produce any sound after “learning” the trigger in kit 2, 3 or 4. Again, this works fine for the kit loaded into the first spot, but I also want to trigger sounds from other kits in real time.

I have the same issue .How do I play the patterns loaded into the separate agents? The first agent plays from my USB keyboard but the second agent doesn’t seem to respond even when it is selected, the first agent just keeps control. Using the “G” for global button seems to cause the second agent to work instead of the first, but how would that work with 4 agents? Shouldn’t it just be a matter of selecting which agent you wish to control from the list and then “off you go ?” What am I missing?

Each agent has its own midi channel (1-4 by default). So if you keyboard is set to channel 1, first agent will play.
You can set all of them to receive on the same channel and thus playing all of them.

But I think the easiest way would be to create 4 midi tracks routed to Groove Agent and set the midi channels 1-4.
Depending on which track is selected and record enabled, that agent will play when you play your keyboard.

That “G” global mode button works for pattern pads only. All four agents will play as long as they have a pattern loaded on the note you play.