Controlling part and song sequence?

Super excited about this! Central question for me:
Is it possible to control song playback on the fly from an external controller? For example

  • keep repeating an intro until introduction is finished
  • stop playback to make space for an accapella part and resume at will

Similar question:
Is it possible to control song sequence easily, for example skip a song from an external controller?

Today, I have a ridiculously complex setup to achieve the above in Ableton Live + Max. Hoping that VST Live could simplify stuff.

You can control all sorts of commands in devices/actions, with many more to come. You may select a specific Song (for instance, with Bank Select), next/previous Part etc and it features a Learn function.
Looping we have not yet but is in the planning, naturally. You can however remote control loop (cycle) on/off so you can at least run a solo etc as long as it confirms to the block length (like 4 bars or so). But “Next Part on next Bar” etc is on the list.
You may also Pause and Resume at any time, likewise MIDI controllable.


Ahhhh. Super. Thanks!

Will it take more than 60 days before “Next Part on next Bar” etc is implemented ? Will parts get Follow actions ? What really happens when you “Real-time” trigger the action “Select Song Part” off-beat ? Will the new selected part be played off-beat (or immediately as stated in the manual) ? Will a midi-track in a current selected part just stop playing when it reaches it’s end or will it loop, or is it this that can be “remote controlled” with loop (cycle) on/off ?

Many questions…cannot tell you exactly when Part Loops/Jumps will be available but should be within that time frame. “Follow Actions” - it will allow some actions (like “Actions” in the devices menu) and some others.

One is “Will be”, the other is now. Snap will be as you set it to, like a beat or a bar or whatever. Currently, you cannot trigger a Part when it has a time trigger, as long as another is already running. The manual refers to Parts which have no trigger time, you can engage those anytime and yes, immediately. Parts do not change position of playback, unless they got set a trigger time.

When cycle is enabled the track (as well as all others in that Song) will loop (that is so as of now). You can (dis-) engage cycle with MIDI commands already.