Controlling plugins with midi cc

Is there anyone who has succes controlling plugins with midi cc in Cubase. If so, what kind of keyboard/controller and plug-in do you use ?

So maybe you cannot control a plug-in via midi cc in cubase ?

Yes you can. Details depends on which controller and which plugins you are using. For a start I recommend to take a look at “Quick Controls” on your Wonderful Manual.

Of course. I hardly use anything else as much as MIDI CC’s.
VSTi’s practically always support MIDI CC’s and loads of VST’s do too.

Every controller capable of sending MIDI CC’s will do the job.

Your question is pretty general. Maybe you can be more specefic?

Yeah I want to control Omnisphere with Edirol PCR-300.

But when I press midi learn on Omnisphere it won’t recognize the different midi cc values.

I tried to load a generic remote and it can recognize midi cc values.

Before you pressed MIDI learn, was Omnisphere playing from the controller. In other words, was Omnisphere responding to note messages from the PCR-300?

To troubleshoot, you may have to take one of the items out of the equation. Switch out the Edirol for another controller. Try to MIDI learn in Reaper. MIDI learn in Cubase from the Edirol, but to some other plug-in.

Yeah, and the midi note learn function works fine. But not the midi CC learn function :frowning:

Does it work with Edirol > Cubase > Trilian? How about your MC Control > Cubase > Omnisphere?

Edirol - Trillian is the same as omnisphere. MC Control can´t control vst instruments via the Eucon protocol. Kontakt 5 midi learn does´nt work either via Edirol. Only as a stand alone outside cubase.

Can you get MIDI learn to work with anything? Trying to narrow the source of this issue.

I don’t know the Edirol PCR-300 but…
First of all I assume you have selected the Edirol as midi in for the VSTi or included it in “All midi”

Does Cubase show any activity on the midi activity meters (on transport panel for instance) when you only turn a knob, move a slider or move the modulation wheel on the Edirol?

If yes, could it be the Edirol transmits CC data on a single channel instead of omni (all channels)?

If yes, what happens when you put it on omni mode?

  1. No I can’t get the midi learn function to work with anything beside in “device setup/remote devices/generic remote device”
    There the Edirol works just fine. I can control play, stop etc. But the plug-ins only receice the same midi cc address “CC-1”

  2. Yes there is midi activity on the transport bar.

  3. I can see in the learn section that Edirol is sending on midi channel 16. If I switch to omni it switch to the selected channel, but plug-ins still doesn´t react.

Do I have to turn on the remote device or does that not matter using the midi learn function in omnisphere ?

So the plugs do receive data from the modulation wheel.
I asume the CC value’s of the Edirol controller are set to different CC’s!?

Thats good.
Any CC activity on a MIDI channel when recording the signal, while turning a knob or moving a slider?

With the “Generic remote device” you can remote control Cubase. For controlling VSTi’s CC’s it’s not related.
Did you try other VST’s?

I tried Kontak 5, Reaktor and Trillian. Same story.
Midi activity everytime I touch a slider, a button or anything else. But omnisphere only receives the same address CC-1 no matter what slider I use on the Edirol PCR 300.

Strange, just to make sure:
When you add a MIDI track with the Edirol as MIDI input (output is not importand here) and insert the “MIDI Monitor” on a MIDI insert of that track, every CC comes in as CC-1 while sending other CC’s from the Edirol!?

I didn´t know the Midi monitor.
It recognize no CC activity when I hit a slider or a button on the Edirol.
But all other midi activity show up including notes, pitch bend, sysex etc.
But the transport bar shows midi activity and in remote devices I can use the learn function and see it sends controller data.

Okay I think I found the error. I loaded a control map on the Edirol made for Atmosphere ( the old Omnisphere) and voila now midi learn works. One strange thing though, the midi monitor does´nt show any cc midi notes at all.

Great to hear it works!
Do you have “controller” enabled in the MIDI Monitor? Otherwise it won’t show CC’s.

Yeah I use the preset All Events in the Midi Monitor.

But now learn midi works :smiley: . Of all the 15 control maps I tried no one worked until I loaded the Atmosphere template.

So the Edirol PCR-300 didn’t send the right midi informations.

Thank you for all your help. I learned a lot and I could eliminate many doubts.