Controlling the Channel Strips with a Generic Controller?

Hey - in Cubase 5, I was controlling parameters for inserts on the Selected channel to do my compression with a generic controller, so that I could do all of this via the hardware, rather than a mouse.

Now that I’ve got Cubase 7, I want to extend this to the channel strip instead of the inserts, but in the generic controller setup, I can’t find the option to control any of the parameters in the channel strip. Ideas?

Hi there,

  • First edit/set up the GM- Controller you want to use for Quick Controls:
    Device/Device Setup/Remote Devices/Quick Controls

  • Now “Right- Mouse- Click” on the Channel- Strip Knob/Poti you want to remote and choose a Quick- Control Slot



I have 40+ parameters to control for each channel. All EQing, dynamics, and send information shall be controlled for each channel. The 8 QCs aren’t going to cover it by a long shot…

You can have banks with the Generic Remote that can re-use parameters for different MIDI channels.

You may be able to take the XML file saved from making an initial bank of assignments and use an XML editor to replicate changes.

That is just a workaround.

I do not want to remote control the quick controls.
I do not want to remote control the strip parameters via the quick controls.

I DO want to remote control the strip parameters.

We’re talking about MIDI control here, which is not very reliable hence all the hype that manufacturers pour onto the creative process in order to extract money from musicians etc.

If you want absolute "control’ why not buy a nuage?

I’m taking about the generic remote, too.

There are already hidden parameters in there, like eq band type, which don’t come up in the parameter chooser menu, but can be edited in the XML directly. I want these and the strip parameters accessible in the menus, too.

That’s interesting, so I guess at some point they will be available in the mixer when SB inevitably revamp the mixer.

Guess not, there a hidden features with NRPNs and such, since years, available in the XML, but not in the GUI.
No changes were made since years!

So… is it the case that the generic remote simply doesn’t have control of the strip parameters through any normal means? I got Cubase 7 to use the channel strip, but I can’t control it all with my hardware? That seems asinine to me. Where is the XML file at, and are the parameters accessible within that?

Do tell. Can you share an xml doc with these hidden parameters? PM me if need be.

And on topic: +1 all parameters should be directly available in the generic remote (and via key commands where applicable)



you are so full of shit , and yes ive bitten to a crap statement form a complete gonad .So your saying that ever since CC data has been invented it is completely unreliable ??
In twenty years of midi ive never heard such dribble and never have had problems with programming hex or cc .You certainly have away of insulting everything about the software and the users work flow .

yes 40 cc’s is a bit much to ask for as qc controls and the way i have been using the qc to control the channel strip parameters and it is a quick and easy way(if you have a qc ) , 1 QC insert ,click the parameter you want to use and change the value with the qc controller and just click from control to control , not the best way but it’s only one more click than an AI control . Not ideal and not a generic remote but it works

I’m saying that GR functionality is “unreliable” :blush:

It’s not.

It’s absolutely reliable. And it’s absolute addressing of parameters.

I want a relative addressing gr for the focused plugin, too.

Have any more than a single GR and it will cause trouble (on any system).

Not here

Would be nice, but it would be better if the whole thing was object oriented.


I’ve had three running at once. One of them was also used as a standard midi keyboard too. Just utilising it’s faders in a generic remote set up.

I would LOVE a hardware controller kind of like softube one but just utilising cubases already great channel strip. Perhaps with a little OLED screen to tell you which channel you’re on. Not even a scribble strip but just something with a bit of feedback. I’ve been thinking about designing something myself but it’s a big task!