Controlling The Mixer With Generic Remote Is Seriously Flawed

I have 70 plus output channels in the Mix Console coming rom VEP.
I control everything from fader to solo/mute to bypass with MIDI coming from Metagrid through the GR. I have set it up so each track can be controlled whether they are selected or not i.e. I’m not using ‘Selected’ in the VST Mixer options. The problem is, if I add one extra output channel to the Mix Console, every entry in the GR is thrown out. Like now what was controlling the bypass FX for piano is now controlling some random channel instead.
So when you select from the menu the name of the channel to be controlled in the lower part of the GR, you are actually selecting the number of the channel which gets changed as soon as you add another output.

This makes it so every track I create, needs to have the same number of output channels in the Mix Console or none of my GR entries work correctly.

Also, if I add a channel, Cubase adds it to every Visibility Config. So I have to go through each of them and remove the channel and then update the Visibility Config.


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Your observation is correct. The Generic Remote doesn’t assign the track by name, it assign it by the slot ID. It is assigned to the track number.


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This is something I think should be addressed. Probably the easiest change would be to completely reverse the behavior, newly added tracks do not get added to any Visibility Configuration.

The whole channel ID system is a little trickier. I’m not sure what the best solution would be, but I like that Track and Channel names do not need to be unique.

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FTFY means ‘Fixed That for You’. It was intended to be a joke. My bad.

If you are searching for a VST Mixer channel in the lower part of the GR, the chances are you are going to need tracks/channels to have unique names. Four channels called ‘Piano’ is going to make things tricky.

Agreed. My thoughts exactly. And while we’re on the subject, 16 Vis Configs with key commands would be more inline with today’s needs.

No doubt users are going to rearrange channels, add/remove channels. So what benefit is there in using channel ID/Number when selecting channels to be controlled by the GR?