Controlling the playback of specific tracks

Hi, I started using artist 9.5 this evening. I opened a project I made in cubase SE…yes, I’ve been using the 14 year old software and it still kicks ass.
In playback, the guitar & vocal tracks come through on the motu headphones. However, all of the midi tracks are coming through the COMPUTER headphones.
How can I listen back to all the tracks through the MOTU headphones?

You didn’t tell us much about your setup. Are these MIDI tracks controlling VST plugins? Or are they controlling the Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth that comes with Windows?

Using the Microsoft synth with Cubase isn’t recommended because Cubase has little control over it, so you should use Halion Sonic SE instead. Load the plugin, then select the MIDI tracks and change the output to Halion Sonic SE while holding Alt+Shift. This will change the output of all selected MIDI tracks at once. Go to the HS SE’s options and change “Program Changes” from Off to GM Mode.

You can check how Cubase’s audio inputs and outputs are setup by taking a look at the Audio Connections (F4).

You can change the input and output routing of each track by using the MixConsole (F3).

Wow, thanks for taking the time to explain. I didn’t try the fixes yet, but they makes sense. Jumping from the 2004 to the 2017 version, I’m quite disoriented, but you gave me great tips on where to look. Also your quote about easy fixes & programmers dying is hilarious.

I’ve yet to hear a midi track play through my motu audio interface. (I hear audio tracks, such as guitar, vocals) (also the midi tracks do SHOW a visible signal on playback) I suspect it’s because I don’t know how to “load” halion se. Let me review my setup:
-windows 7.
-cubase artist 9.5
-Motu firewire 828 (at least 15 years old)
-I’m not using a midi controller, I just want to use the vst instruments
-Per your suggestion, I installed Halion Sonic Se on my computer
-I changed the midi tracks output to Halion Sonic SE
-I opened HS options, and changed “Program Changes” from Off to GM mode
-However, even though I “installed” HS SE to my computer, I don’t see any programs at all to load (drag) into the rack. I see “all instruments” but when I click it, nothing loads into the window…ie- under category>subcategory>style>character it’s EMPTY.

  • f4 audio outs look okay
    -The other thing that seems wrong to me is studio>studio setup>midi>midi port setup> The out is Microsoft GS wavetable synth with no option to edit this to motu asio

thanks in advance.

You shouldn’t have to install Halion Sonic SE, it comes with Cubase. Did you install Cubase Artist using the full 11GB installer? You’ll be missing all of the content if you don’t install that.

ah, that’s my problem then. Yes, I used Steinberg dowlnload assistant and installed the full version 11gb. Halion Sonic SE was not anywhere to be found (not accessible from software, nor was it visible in any program files) Thank you so much. I’ll re-install then contact tech support if I still have issues.

Hi, I am making progress. At least now I can load instruments into Halion Sonic. I’m not done troubleshooting but I wanted to post this as maybe it will help someone having issues hearing their tracks when they first set up their new software.
When I installed the FULL version of Cubase Artist 9.5, during the first steps of installation a pop up asked something like, “do you want to check for updates? Or do you just want to install local software”. DON’T CHECK FOR UPDATES! Your full version won’t get installed. It will LOOK like it’s installed. But you will run into a slew of issues related to big chunks of the program missing. DO JUST INSTALL THE LOCAL SOFTWARE.

Turns out an installation error was my major issue. Even though I DOWNLOADED the FULL artist 9.5, I managed to INSTALL only the update. LOL! Once I installed the full version (see above), I opened one of the dance templates in “the hub”, and studied all the settings carefully. I took about 6 screen shots of this template- studio setup, vst settings, outputs, etc., so when I opened my song, I could refer back to it. I also followed your original notes for some great & necessary pointers. (Load GM in programs of HS) I can hear the midi tracks during playback!