Controlling the volume of an audio track

Using a controller that can send both MIDI CCs and Keyswitches, how does one control the volume of a selected audio track in Cubase Pro 12?. For example, is there a CC message that does that?

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You can use either the Track Quick Controls or the MIDI Remote.

Thank you, Martin. Actually, I’ve been on this forum since it first started, but somehow all references to that have disappeared. No idea why. In any case, I’m not sure your brief reply will help me solve this, but I will do more reading about it.

I find this short tutorial on MIDI Remote to be very helpful:

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Thank you, wolfger. That video is indeed very helpful. I had not found it on YouTube previously so thank you for the link. I think it will answer many of my questions. Cheers!

EDIT: problem solved; thank you!

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