Controlling transport and track inspector from control surface


I have just got a Behringer X-touch Mini control surface. I have got it to control the VST quick controls from its 8 knobs. It has two rows of buttons the lower row will control play, stop etc, but in Mackie Control mode. Surely play, stop etc can be controlled in Generic Remote mode. However it’s far from obvious how to set this up.

Also I would like to use some spare buttons to open ‘edit instrument’ and the track insert and send sections as well as switch on and off mute, solo and such. How’s this done?

Any suggestions much appreciated.

I’m using Cubase 10.5

Yes it should be entirely possible to do this in Generic Remote mode. Make a new Generic Remote, and assign your hardware controller to it: Generic Remote Page

There’s also a bunch of YouTube videos on the topic: cubase generic remote - Google Search

Brilliant Nico.

I came across the cubase help page after I’d posted but it’s so easy to get the set up slightly wrong I’ve found. The videos are very helpful.

Many thanks

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