Controlling Transport start/stop behavior

Suppose you generally want the Transport option “Return to start position on stop” (so you check that option in Preferences). So I press ‘spacebar’ (the default) to start play, and pressing spacebar again returns me to the start position.

But sometimes I want to just stop without returning to start. Is there a way to just stop without having to change the preference? (Something like ‘shift-spacebar’?)

Or the other way around: “Return to start position on stop” is unchecked, ‘spacebar’ starts, ‘spacebar’ again stops you at the current Now. Then is there a way to set, say, ‘shift-spacebar’ to return you to the start position?

Hi wwzeitler -

Try using ‘0’ on the numeric pad to get you back to the start.

You could use markers in your project.

I use a key command to toggle Return to Start on and off…

That won’t do it either. It just takes you to the last starting place. Instead he could use ‘0’ or the ‘Space Bar’ as before and then use the ‘.’ (dot) found in the Numeric Keypad to go back to the beginning. No need to change anything in the preference menu either.


EDIT: Ignore my comment above. I’m thinking he wants to return to the start of the project when what he really wants is to Pause. My bad! You were right about using the ‘0’ on the Numeric Keypad as both a Pause button and a return to the playback start. However, he’ll need to go back to the default behaviour by setting “return to playback position on stop” to off. Press ‘0’ once to Pause, and once more to go back to the start of playback. The ‘.’ (dot) takes him back to the beginning of the project. That should do the trick :slight_smile: