Controlling where the audio goes when project is Saved As?

Hi - I have a project where the audio goes where it’s supposed to.

Then I SAVE AS to a different folder in the drive to work on as a “new” project.

I find all the audio in the “new” project gets saved to the old audio folder.

Where in the process can I tell Cubase to save the audio I generate in the new project to the Audio folder of the new project?

Thanks -

Nowhere - “Save as” only saves the project file, and does not change the original project folder.
Use " backup project", or you need to set the record folder for each single track.

You should really start a new project for each… new project, it’s at this point that you set the location for all the related project files. It’s good practice to keep the project folder structure as is and save the project files along with the related audio and stuff in the set file structure that is created.

Thus each project will have it’s own folder with all the related sub folders and project files contained within.


As thinkingcap said, you can use “backup project” for this purpose. You can then set a new directory tree, and it will COPY all the audio (both referenced and unreferenced if you wish–depending what settings you set in the backup project dialog) from the project being backed up to a new “audio” folder under the new project folder. It will then set that new audio folder as the default save folder for the new project, while leaving everything about the original project alone.

Make sense? Try it… you’ll see.

Thanks, guys. It wasn’t quite a new project, it was breaking out vocals for VariAudio, and I didn’t want those file names to clutter the main folder listings. Sounds like “backup” might be the thing to do there.