ControlRoom Cue Fader Cap Color changes


I know some folks will say, “who cares,” but I think this is likely important–because something under the covers is unstable. My Control Room Cue faders change color from time to time. I thought I was nuts, but the Cubase support rep saw the same thing I did–my fader key cap went from red to white in a couple sessions. Additionally, his system did the same thing at some point. Today I booted the system and voila, my cue fader caps were blue! This may not affect operations, I hope, but it certainly indicates an instability which could be an errant pointer or problem is some c++ class, etc. I would hope folks would keep an eye on this as if it happens to a bunch of us, Steinberg should be alerted. I am not raising an alarm, I am simply saying keep alert as this could be problem that causes stability issues.

Best, Ted


Since no one has replied to my message, perhaps some well meaning folk could simply check and then chime-in and share what color their Control-Room Cue Fader Caps are. This would be interesting especially if we get answers with a mix of colors. :wink: I think that would be interesting enough for Steinberg to pay attention to. (unless their is some explanation why this is normal behavior).

Best, Ted

Sorry, which Control Room fader caps?

No way you could post a pic, is there?

Alexis, et al,

Attached are three pictures showing different color fader caps. These are from different projects, however in the case where the Steinberg support guy saw it happen it was in the same project-- red and white. It happened while he was helping me.

Best, Ted
ControlRoom  Cue Volume Fader Cap Color Red.jpg
ControlRoom  Cue Volume Fader Cap Color White.jpg
ControlRoom  Cue Volume Fader Cap Color Blue.jpg

sometimes my mixconsole faders’ colour changes as i change the width of the mixconsole. it’s probably a related issue. makes cubase feel a little random.

Oh, interesting to know. So this might not be related to control room–only.

Thanks for the info.


Hold down a modifier (CTRL…? ALT…?) whilst clicking on each Cue to open more than one at a time… Its like that in the Inspector sections/tabs too, try it…! Then, with several sections open, you can also try out the new mousewheel ‘scroll’ ability… Be careful; only really works nice when the mouse pointer is on the ‘blank’ areas around the fader for example.

If you have the Inserts and Sends open too, and you place the mouse over the sends section to try a ‘scroll’, you probably only end up adjusting actual send level settings themselves…! Scroll doesn’t seem to work at all if the mouse pointer is over the Inserts section; So, bit hit and miss…

And finally, this applies to the MixConsole (if you’ve chosen the option Show Exclusive, or something like that… the modifier will handily override) as well.

You’ve a fun packed Sunday ahead of you… :slight_smile:

Oh, and sorry, back on topic - I’ve not seen ANY colour shifting/changing with the fader caps over here, ever…!

Good luck.!


Hi TedSopher,

well this is indeed not working as it should. I have run some tests and it seems that the Cue Fader takes the color of the track selected at the moment the control room first becomes visible. E.g. you start a new project, create a couple of audio tracks and select one or more of them, open the Mixer, select the Control Room tab and… Bang! your Cue Fader is white. If you open a project where you have a couple of group tracks, select one of them and then open the MixConsole then the fader will be blue, and so on.

This behavior is not intentional so I have entered it to our bugbase. Since it is not a show stopper, it won’t probably get fixed very soon, but it is definitely known and our devs will work on it.


what about this one?

Is this a night at the Magic Club, or are you going to explain how you got that to happen? :laughing:

heh, i have no idea how to reproduce these rainbow amusement park spectacles. but it’s a genuine video (of my cubase) :wink: