Controm Room Mixer appears differently?!

Whenever I click on control room mixer I get this weird and vintage type looking mixer which has next to no functionality that I can work out. I’ve trawled through every darn tab trying to find a way to change it to the standard cubase display like the rest of my mixer with no luck.

Is anyone able to assist please?

Thanks in advance. It seems like customizing anything in Cubase 8 Pro is a massive challenge.

It’s not very clear what assistance you’re actually asking. The Control Room mixer does look different from the main mixer and there’s no way to make it look the same as the main mixer.

That’s a link to a pic of the normal mixer and control room mixer. That’s what they should look like. Mine looks absolutely and totally different. Like something out of a different bit of software.

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There are 2 pics of the control room mixer as it is now amongst those Google images. However it is slighly different to the other elements of the mixer. I must say my impression is that nearly everyone likes it as it is, there haven’t been many complaints on this forum, and it works pretty darn well. I personally like it too. It’s just the way it is I’m afraid.

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How about a screenshot of what you’re seeing…hard to comment otherwise.

That picture is from an older version of Cubase. That’s what the Control Room mixer USED TO look like but not any more. I have to say, I do prefer the old Control Room design.

To the OP, this is what it looks like now (which is probably what you’re seeing)

Well, now that it is obvious that the OP referred to the former Looks of the Control Room mixer I have to chime in:

It would be extremely nice to have this back as an Option at least.

Cheers, Ernst

That’s actually not the same one J-S-Q. I’ve been away in Poland this weekend so sorry for my response. I know I’ve been unhelpful here so I’ll try and get a screenshot sometime.

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What J S Q was showing is the control room version just prior to the current one, and they are quite different

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Is this what you are referring to? As seen in Pro 8

Hi Jonp, sorry I’ve been so late replying. Yes, that is the one I can see. I can’t figure out how to use it at all! Must be something to learn. Seems like Steinberg didn’t go with ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ here :frowning:

It actually works very much like the older version but with a different look. You need to set up the “studio” tab under VST Connections and make sure it is turned on. This video might help - Control Room Advanced Integration in the MixConsole | Cubase 7 Q&A with Greg Ondo - YouTube

Thanks Jonp. I’ll have a look this evening. I’m determined to get this nailed by the end of the week! :slight_smile: Thanks for everyone’s advice!