convering from midi-problem

hi all
i ve convert a midi file i made on the sibelius 7.5 into cubase 7.5
after editing the sounds i have added few number of bars at the end (on the cubase)
while i tried to play it , the cubase allways stops at the place where the originals midi stpos (the end of bar 82)

im using an officail cubase and subelius/

any help?

thanks ahead
Guy smaly

Check the length of the project/song… By that I mean press Shift-S (or select Project->ProjectSetup) and look at the Project Setup window, there’s a length there. It could be that you need to increase it.


Aloha g,

Another approach is to use the ‘List Editor’ to check the MIDI file
and see if here is a ‘MIDI Stop Event’ present.

If there is, just remove it.

Good Luck!