Conversion audio to MIDI feature


Is Steinberg Team going to add (in next release of N) the feature in which I could transform recorded e.g. guitar to MIDI events?
It could be very usefull :upside_down_face:


Can’t you already do this with Vari Audio and extracting midi (in sample editor)? I’ve never done it myself but I seem to recall this being a feature.

And also I know Cubendo 12 introduced audio to chords where you just drag an audio file onto a chord track and it gives you chords, which I’m assuming (?) you can convert into midi.

Interested to see what other people say though!

Yes, you can already do this in Nuendo and Cubase. Cheers.

Thank you for the responses.

Yes, but I can extract events only from single notes phrases. I mean multivoices.

So…? :slight_smile: