Convert 10.5 project to 12

I have a project template that I usually use (because then I can dial up any VST/audio track with my preferences of fx, etc), but it is listed as a 10.5 project in Cubase 12.

Not a big deal, but is it possible to convert it to a 12.0 project, without setting everything up from scratch again?

You should just load up your template and do a SAVE AS TEMPLATE I would think

Thanks, is there any where to verify the project number?

What’s a project number? You mean the Cubase version that saved it?

After you load up your template you should always do a SAVE AS to not screw up your template.

We don’t have project numbers in Cubase. Name the Project and that is it .

Once you save something in C12 it will open C12 when you open that project.

Maybe I got this completely wrong, but if I load a Word 97 document into O365, it is opened, and saved as a Word 97 document (unless you specify which version you want to save it as).

This is not the case with Cubase? A project/template always ""elevate"s itself to the major version you’re using, and after saving?

The template doesn’t do anything, Cubase simple saves it, as a file made by that version. Cubase has very little in common with MS Word.

You know what, I think I had a little bit of a brainfart there.
Nevermind. :slightly_smiling_face:

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