Convert 2 instruments to one (organ)

When I import MusicXML (organ music from “OCR”) I get

that is 2 instruments.

Right now I
– add Organ (3-stave)
– copy the music from Part1 and Part2 to Organ
– remove Part1 and Part2

Is there a smarter method to convert Part1+Part2 to (3-stave) organ (not “manuals” + bass staff, I want the Dorico native 3-stave organ instrument)?


Not much smarter, but you can change the part1 instrument to organ, then select all part2 and alt-N move it to the pedal line, then delete part2.

When I change Part1 to Organ (3-stave) it only replaced the braced staves and does not add an empty Pedal line. I might do something wrong, but I would expect it to add an empty pedal stave.

I tried changing a Piano to a 3-staff Organ and I did get a new empty 3rd staff. If you’re sure you didn’t pick 2-staff Organ by mistake … Possibly the new empty Pedal staff was automatically hidden in page view? (check galley view)

It could be some odd behaviour for XML. I encl. file. Adding a 3-stave organ only replaces the “manuals” while Part2 becomes Part (since Part1 is no longer active), but do not add a pedal line.
000_FM_01-15.dorico (663.0 KB)

When I open this file, go to Setup mode, open the player card for Part 1, click on the 3 dots, choose Change Instrument and choose the 3-staff organ, I get what I asked for: Part 1 is now Organ with a separate Pedal staff, and Part 2 (now with staff label just “Part”) below – much farther down, due to vertical justification.

I have found that the easiest/quickest solution to this is to create a new 3-manual organ player, then copy each staff of the imported organ part SINGULARLY, then paste into the appropriate staff of the new player. Most XLM imports create two (or three) individual [single staff] players for such organ parts. It’s best/easiest to just create a new player, copy/paste the notes into that, and deleted the imported player/parts. I’ve created a shortcut for “Select to end of flow” which makes this process fast and easy.