Convert 4/4 to 6/8

I have imported some Midi-File. The meter has been imported as 4/4. But I know that this piece is in 6/8. This means I have a lot of triplets. How can I fix this? I guess I need to multiply the duration of each note by 1.5. But that seems impossible.


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There’s not an automatic one-quick-fix for this, but you should be able to make quick progress using Insert mode, deleting the triplets (but not the notes within them), then inputting a 6/8 time signature at the start, replacing the 4/4.

Hello Lillie,
thanks for answering. This is a long piece with many voices. It is not only triplets. I guess it would be a lot of manual editing. When I just put the 6/8 meter, I have the following result:

Select all and filter tuplets (from edit menu) then delete to just remove the triplets but not the notes. It’s pretty fast.

Before lafin’s step, change the metre from 4/4 to 2/4

Considering how often this request or the inverse (changing 4/4 to 6/8) comes up, it would make an excellent feature request. Undoubtedly the task would be complicated, but considering the number of posts I have read on it, it sounds like something worthwhile down the road when time is available.

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It’s simple… unless you have multiple voices.

If you have the capability to get the musicxml file from the original source, that might help, rather than using the midi file.

True. Filtering voices may also be necessary.