Convert .all and .ovw

I’ve just got Cubase Elements and wanted to import some old Cubase files that were made on a friends pc in the 90s.
Is there a way I can import .all and .ovw to Cubase Elements?

Further to svennilenni’s link (which describes the correct solution) with an Elements license you’l only be able to run the lowest of those three programmes (SE).

Also keep in mind that *.arr and *.all files that where created on Atari cannot directly be converted with SE and SX V3. It will create the *.cpr with the tracks but it won’t contain any parts.To solve this you first need to open and save the files with VST32 5.0 or 5.1. After this the conversion will work. I never used *.ovw (Logic?) myself so I can’t comment on those.

Thank you Nickeldome. I’m struggling with this problem since many years…