Convert an existing font to SMuFL?

Hi all,
Just checking if it’s technically possible to convert an existing, say, Jazz font into a SMuFL format so it can be used with Dorico?


It’s certainly possible, though it’s quite a lot of work. I believe Abraham Lee is working on SMuFL-compatible fonts, including handwritten ones, so you might want to check out his web site here.

Thanks Daniel! (y)

Edit: On second thought, couldn’t you guys write a conversion utility? I know there’s different priorities, but I think it just might accelerate SMuFL adoption… :wink:

It’s non-trivial to write a conversion utility. The whole reason SMuFL is necessary is because there has been no consistent standard for music font layout, glyph sizing and registration until now. So there’s no reasonable way to automate the conversion of an existing font to SMuFL’s layout because, by definition, there is no uniform arrangement of glyphs within existing music fonts that would provide a reasonable basis for an automated conversion.

Makes total sense, thx!