convert audio to MIDI

Can Cubase convert audio to MIDI?

If not, can anyone suggest a program which can?


Anyone? - I want one too. :unamused:

Mono phonic audio? Yes. Absolutely. Did it the other day. Working with drum tracks you can have it convert to a specific pitch…but, it will also convert pitched info. Just the other day, I extracted a cello and trumpet part so I could assign them to new VIs. I find it much less useful than I had hoped…but, it does work fairly accurately.

thought I was in bizarro world since this wasn’t a MIDI to Audio thread.

However, in both the sample editor and the variaudio editor there are options in advanced and MIDI menu to extract MIDI. It works very well on mono lines. Doesn’t work so well on complex data. Even it is only a little bit complex.

Melodyne Editor is expensive, but it has had very good reviews.
One of its less-publised features is MIDI export.

There is a 30 day, fully-working demo available at:

I’ve tried the demo and it worked well with a piano track. It even worked when extracting piano from a track which also had bass and drums, although quite a bit of editing was needed.

I might be missing something but can’t the built-in Variaudio help? It allows you to extract a MIDI part from audio.