Convert Cubase 6 EDU licence into regular?


Is it possible to convert legally a Cubase 6 EDU into a regular licence?
What`s the procedure for that?

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Why? I assume its because you want to use the program for commercial reasons ? If not, there isn’t much point. Functionally the edu version is identical to the regular version (unless they’ve changed something recently - but its always been that way with the previous versions)

That being said, I know that when you “upgrade” to a new verison (i.e. Cubase 7) it becomes a regular version. As far as “upgrading” the existing version - I don’t really know.


There are no limitations to the edu software at all, commercial or otherwise. The only difference is the price and the packaging. I guess you could sell your edu license and buy a regular one.

EDU license = regular license.

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I know, that EDU and regular verson are of identical features,
but the point here is…
a student buys the EDU version to learn the software, and later he is going to use
it to make a living of it, be it as producer or engineer. You ´re not supposed to make money
producing or recording with an EDU version. So the easiest way should be to change the type of licence
(and not the software, just because Sonar is cheaper…)
I am talking about doing the right thing.

Any official word on this?

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Hi Roger,

The only way to convert a “edu” license into a “normal” license is upgrading the license to the next version.
As there are no “edu” upgrades, when you upgrade an “edu” license (using a “normal” upgrade) to the next program version you get then a “normal” license.

If you really want to pay extra and have a legitimate full C6 license now (rather than wait for C7), perhaps you could pay for a C6 upgrade, as if upgrading from C5? I wonder if that would alter the license on your dongle - and whether it affects what happens if you subsequently want to sell your license.

Does your EULA say that? officiall word (still on the old forum) is: Steinberg EDU software doesn´t have any of the restrictions you mention.

I have a question after reading this. When c7 comes out is the upgrade price diff freem edu to regular license? Or can you jus upgrade to the c7 edu?

There is no such thing as an EDU upgrade or EDU update.
If you buy an EDU licence you are lucky, you get 50% off the price of the full product. The licence you get is completely identical to the one you would have gotten if you just bought the normal product. That means you can do with it whatever you want in terms of upgrading/updating. Only thing is you’ll have to pay the regular upgrade/update price because EDU upgrades don’t exist.

Okay, thanks for clearing that up.
This was really helpful.

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