Convert expression maps and drum maps between Cubase, REAPER and FL Studio formats

You can buy conversion programs here:

This pack is part of REAPER ReWorked Premium Content package but it is relevant for other DAW users too so it’s offered here separately for purchase. Besides converting already existing REAPER drum maps (REAPER has a hugely active community so you can find drum maps for a lot of instruments for free), REAPER drum map format allows for easy editing by hand in text editors.

This means it’s quite easy to create REAPER drum maps for all sorts of instruments by either writing drum maps by hand or copying and pasting from instrument documentation and then converting to Cubase format using these conversion programs. This is a typical REAPER drum map example and as you can see, it’s dead easy to edit.

If you would like to get a set of over 900 pre-made REAPER drum maps, you can buy full REAPER ReWorked Premium Content package instead - it comes with this converter pack included.

Hopefully, I’m not breaking any rules by posting this here and if moderators find this inappropriate, please let me know.


Be aware Cubases’ Drum map is much more complex, so only the very basic stuff will be setup from the Reaper map. Just because Reaper doesn’t take care about the other functions.

REAPER to Cubase Drum Map Converter does come with a few options though:


I got everything; Great stuff!

I just bought the stuff. The download does not work!!!

If this does not get fixed soon, I will be getting my money back through Paypal.

Yes, we had problems with weebly hosting service - I’ll send you the link in the PM