Convert fxp to Vstpreset ?

Is this possible at all? Is there an app for it, Cubase convert program list to VST doesn’t always work, (for example Albino)

Also does anyone have Albino default stock banks as vstpreset files would save me an age doing it one by one


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Fxtractor allows conversion and interchange of old and new effect- and synth-preset formats.


(Win only)


Thanks, but it only converts from from VST3 to FXP, I needed something the other way around. Unless I have misunderstood the website’s quote below.

Basically FXTractor is a small tool to convert new Vst3 VSTPRESET files to old style Vst2 FXP and FXB files (if possible).

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I decided to convert many fxp into vstpreset, at 2020 there is still no any workaround?

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I haven’t found any, yet.

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Oh oh oh! I have found one! Never know there is an option

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I think this sadly only converts XHIP fxp presets to vstpresets, we need one that can convert all presets.

Thanks though.

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